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We create high street retail solutions designed to entice customers with an enjoyable experience.

Our team of retail and marketing experts create retail high street solutions that are on-trend, nutritious, healthy, high-quality and cost-efficient. Working with recognized franchised brands and products, we drive footfall and engagement of customers, inspiring purchases and maximising sales opportunities.


Following its acquisition in 2016, we are delighted to welcome the Avoca brand to the Aramark family. Avoca is a business that spans one of the world's oldest surviving manufacturing companies and is one of Ireland's most exciting stores. Their team of over 700 people work over 11 locations across Ireland and sell wholesale to dozens of countries worldwide - all from a modest hand-weaving mill that was established in a rural Irish village in 1723.

Avoca buildings house some of the country's best loved cafés, they export their famous throws and blankets as well as clothing ranges to boutiques around the world and even have their own branded food showcasing dozens of delicious products. There are Avoca perfumes, glassware, ceramics... we even run a world-class garden. 

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