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With over 40 years' experience, asset and property management has always been our core business.

Our specialist property & asset management division has over 40 years experience of managing the most complex assets.

Depth of experience

The Aramark property team manages over 3 m sq m of properties within Northern Europe. These include shopping centres & retail parks, major office developments, business parks, resi-dential complexes, industrial estates, and landmark mixed use developments. e.g Members of our team have managed three shopping centres which have won ‘European Shopping Centre of the Year’. Our clients range from private asset owners to major international investment funds and property companies.

Property & asset management is our core business for over 40 years

We have always been dedicated property and asset managers, and have built up extensive experience of managing all types of property assets and in taking hard decisions in both good and bad economic times. We are an integrated team which provides a single resource point for the most complex schemes, something which is relatively unique.

Strong experience right across the asset cycle

Members of our team have designed, planned, built, operated, and then sold major property assets. They have held leading asset management roles with large asset owners and investment funds in the past, and have been responsible for decision making and strategy on complex asset portfolios. Aside from asset & property management, key members of the team have also led major retail and mixed use development projects from inception through to delivery.

Commercial acumen that extends beyond property

We play a key role in advising our clients on commercial decisions – which often requires knowledge and understanding beyond that of a traditional property remit. Our senior team includes not only the usual property professionals, but also people who have led major business operations outside property, and are used to decision making in difficult circumstances. This is a plus when it comes to challenging assets – where there are few simple solutions and where a ‘game changing’ view is often needed to go against the economic tide.

Business Darwinism

The old adage that ‘no one ever got fired for hiring IBM’ has its own equivalent in the property industry. We have to constantly evolve, improve, and outperform competitors - as we can’t rely on work coming in the door because we tick a particular box.

We deliver on promises

We don’t just produce senior people for presentations to prospective clients, never to be seen again when it comes to doing the real work on a project. Our senior team stay closely involved throughout.

Fresh ideas

We have a track record of producing ideas to differentiate a scheme and increase value. We have also been brought in as advisors on new development projects in order to challenge assumptions - as we have a reputation for clear advice, for challenging the consensus, and for identifying project risks and best ways of maximising return.

Marketing and media knowledge

We have considerable experience of leading and advising on the customer and tenant marketing of large retail schemes and of achieving strong return from limited budget. We are not passive players and we actively engage to ensure cut-through impact and scheme differentiation. Senior members of our team also have extensive media experience.


We have in-house experts who can advise on all issues related to energy procurement and minimising the energy footprint of buildings and their occupants.