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Food & Hospitality

We have over 13,000 employees in our Food Service business across Northern Europe.

A taste of something different
Over the past 80 years, we’ve served food to millions of people from all walks of life, in all places, all around the world. And we’ve used our array of resources and expertise to cultivate amazing dining experiences that delight our customers, deliver success for our clients, and empower people to lead healthier lives every single day.

Our team of culinary, marketing and operations experts create dining solutions that are on-trend, nutritious, healthy, high-quality and cost-efficient. Our focus on locally sourced produce and seasonality ensures freshness at all times. Our culinary and operations teams ensure that we deliver a food offer that enriches and nourishes the lives of our customers every day, at every service. We work across business and industry, sports and entertainment, healthcare and education locations. We offer you:

  • Creative menus and recipes influenced by customer insights
  • Culinary experts that build remarkable dining experiences
  • Experienced Service Stars committed to going above and beyond every day
  • Environmentally friendly policies that support sustainability
  • An industry-leading health and wellness platform to promote healthy living

After experiencing what we’re serving today, people will walk away excited about what we're going to cook up tomorrow.