Get the Facts: Our Work in Ireland’s reception and immigration centres.

Direct Provision is Government policy. Aramark has no say, influence or involvement in the establishment of this system or in the residency or asylum application process.

  • We provide services to 3 of the 32 RIA centres in Ireland. The 3 RIA Centres where we provide services are owned by the State. We provide food, maintenance and security services to the residents in these 3 centres.
  • Aramark is an award winning provider of integrated services to public and private sector organisations throughout Ireland.
    We support those seeking asylum in Ireland by providing quality services which help make their lives more comfortable while waiting for their asylum application to be processed by the State.
  • Aramark provides employment opportunities to former asylum seekers who have had their citizenship approved by Government

What we do

  •  The standards for our services are set by the government and we comply fully with their direction

“Aramark is one of many companies supplying essential services to Reception and Integration Centres in Ireland. Aramark provides essential food and maintenance services at three RIA centres (out of 32 operated by Government) and they have shown a very strong commitment to delivering the highest quality services. Beyond meeting the Department’s requirements, Aramark staff identify and implement programmes and initiatives which provide social supports to residents and help build links to the local communities. This is breaking down barriers and ensuring residents can assimilate more easily when their status is confirmed”.

  • In addition to adhering to those requirements, we work closely with all residents to meet specific religious and ethnic dietary preferences. Residents have direct input into the menus developed and food served.
  • Our award winning chefs and dietitians create nutritious menus using in-season locally sourced ingredients. Every year, Aramark sources millions in goods and services from Irish suppliers, supporting many thousands of additional jobs in these companies.
  • We also offer residents opportunities to prepare their own meals alongside our trained chefs and dietitians.

Cooking facilities to allow residents cook their own food are already in place in two RIA centres that have food services supplied by Aramark and we are working with the RIA to install these facilities in the third RIA centre in 2018. 

Going the extra mile to support residents

  • We were the first RIA service provider to introduce Social Liaison Officers who assist residents with social support while they are resident in the centres.
  • We also host onsite entertainment at Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Eid as well as summer camps and activities for children during the holidays. Staff also volunteer and organise day trips and events in their own time.
  • We also put in place supports to help residents integrate into the local communities in which they now live. This is very important to us and ensures better understanding and support for asylum seekers from the local community.
  • Some of the activities arranged and supported by Aramark and our employees include open nights where local support groups and clubs in the community came to the site to invite residents to join in activities and arranging voluntary work for residents with St Vincent de Paul.
  • When residents have their application approved, we assist them with their move into the community including helping with applications to social welfare and providing practical support as they set up new homes.

What Residents Say:

 “All staff of our Aramark is very helpful and very good and I am living here 4 years and the day first to until know (sic) I don’t have any problem. They treat us like our family and manager Breda also treats us here like our own family. I don’t have words to say how much thanks I must say to them”. 

“I am from South Africa, seeking asylum in Ireland. During my stay here I have met the reason why I chose to seek asylum in Ireland. The friendly, polite, charming, caring concerned management and all the staff of Kinsale Road”.

“Thank you for being awesome to me and my boys”,

“During my time at this centre I have seen your dedication, respect and humble personality, as a result of which I always felt at home. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me.”

Aramark is an ethical and responsible company

Aramark is recognized as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE, rated number one among Diversified Outsourcing Companies.

We are also proud to have been recognized as an employer of choice by the Human Rights Campaign along with Diversity, Inc. Black Enterprise, Careers & the disABLED and Latino magazines.

Supporting Local Causes:

In the last 10 years nearly €400,000 has been raised for charities across Ireland by Aramark Ireland and our employees. The charities supported are selected each year by our employees who nominate the charity they feel is in need of Aramark's support.

In addition, as part of our Building Communities programme, every year over a hundred Aramark Ireland employees take time off work to roll up their sleeves and help refurbish buildings for charities such as Lone Parent Resource Centres and schools for children with special needs.

Enriching and Nourishing Lives every day across Ireland.

Aramark’s Irish origins go back some 50 years to 1967. Today Aramark is one of Ireland’s largest employers, supporting over 6,000 jobs throughout the island of Ireland.

We are a leading provider of food, workplace solutions and property management services to some of Ireland’s best known companies, public sector organisations, health care settings, sporting and tourism destinations. Every day we touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

We are a leading advocate of Mental Health Awareness and three years ago launched our health and wellbeing programme #take15 in workplaces across Ireland. This programme aims to help people live healthier lives by increasing awareness of their daily nutrition but also their mental wellbeing. With increased stress in our daily lives, we are focused on helping people to reconnect.

We are proud to have won numerous awards in recognition of the values of our company and the quality of the service we provide to our clients from industry organisations including the Irish Hospitality Institute Diversity Award Winner; Hotel & Catering Review Gold Medal Winner for our Food services; Irish Heart – Happy Heart Healthy Eating Award, the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) and the Irish Contract Cleaning Association.