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Remote Workplaces

Our accommodation & hosptiality solutions make your employees & guests feel secure

Working in remote areas can be stressful for your employees. But with reliable and safe environments, you can give them an experience that makes them feel right at home. Our comprehensive services can help you maximize comfort and convenience for your workforce.

Improved Living and Working Spaces

Our goal is to provide your workplace with the best possible food and living arrangements so your employees can perform their day-to-day responsibilities productively and efficiently. We draw upon our deep expertise and market knowledge to deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Our services give you clean, comfortable living spaces and facilities, including kitchens, dining rooms, recreation and office areas. In addition, we deliver ideal dining experiences by working with you to gain an understanding of your employees’ dining habits and dietary needs. We can also provide project lifecycle management, design and construction, as well as catering, janitorial and hoteling services. With our extensive capabilities, there are simply no limits to what we can provide.


We’re committed to promoting and enhancing workplace safety. With zero tolerance for unnecessary risk, our safety performance in both offshore and land-based camps has been recognized both nationally and internationally. We also have extensive expertise in compliance with building safety codes and environmental standards.

The Right Team on the Ground

With the right people on the ground and continuous optimisation, we’re able to provide reliable, repeatable, predictable outcomes and ensure safe, comfortable living and working environments. It’s what has made us a world leader in remote workplace services.We specialise in: 

  • Catering
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Newspaper / magazine bond shop
  • Emergency response team
  • Heli administration
  • General accommodation
  • Maintenance
  • Food storage and refrigeration maintenance
  • PAT testing
  • Equipment and spare part supply
  • Satellite TV services
  • Provision and maintenance of gym equipment
  • Management of photocopiers
  • Management of vending