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Empowering People to Live Healthy Lives

Pairing healthy choices with nutrition and wellness programs, we make it easier to live well.

Wellbeing In Focus (WIF) is Aramark Northern Europe’s overarching health and wellbeing programme, it aims to be holistic in its approach with the goal of delivering healthier outcomes to all of our customers.  It is comprised of three key pillars all associated with wellness– Eat Well, Think Well, and Perform Well.

We know wellbeing is so much more than just food, it is reflected in our behaviours, lifestyle choices, and self-care. Our programme, WIF, actively encourages everyone to consider what they eat, how they move, and how they feel. In understanding that these areas are of equal importance to overall health, we aim to provide everyone with the tools to create positive behaviours that work for them.

Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices

Our chefs and dietitians create food that’s fresh, delicious, satisfying—and good for you.

Feed Your Potential (FYP) 365 is the Eat Well Pillar of WIF. FYP 365 focuses on improving our food choices and relationship with food, by discovering what food, all food, can do to feed our potential and fuel our performance, 365 days a year. When on-site, our customers can be assured of an offer that suits their preferences, dietary requirements, individual goals and dietary patterns. 


We continually strive to strike the right balance in every menu, by understanding our clients’ and customers’ Health & Wellness goals whilst ensuring that our healthy options are enjoyable, varied and meet the consumer trends. Our focus is to evolve our wellbeing offer to incorporate dietetically endorsed on- trend diets and health focused menus that are ultimately good for both the person and the planet.

Healthy Marketing

Healthy Marketing

Our special features and consumer promotions highlight healthy foods and encourage healthy eating.

Wellbeing In Focus has moved into the digital space, with a new dedicated Wellbeing In Focus website to host the blogs, recipe cards and videos, interviews with industry experts and resources developed in collaboration with our wellbeing partners.

Each month campaigns are built around current trends, with the latest scientific research at the forefront.

We highlight our healthy options on site with our FYP stamps to enable our customers to identify with ease the healthier offer. We further support these stamps by providing our customers with full nutritional transparency to all our recipes, providing in-depth nutritional analysis including, inter alia, calories, protein, fats and sugar content. We achieved this by incorporating a nutritional analysis programme called Nutritics into our recipe data bank (OPX). This programme allows us to

  • Comply with allergen and nutrition labelling legislation
  • To respond quickly to customer recipe, nutrition and allergen queries with accurate and reliable information


With insights and advice from our experts, our customers can make good choices about what they eat.

WIF provides easily accessible health information and choices, that are relatable, digestible and achievable by bringing together what we eat (and why), with the way we think and the way we move, to deliver energetic, wellness-focused content, awareness campaigns and food choices. 



Creating personal experiences that change the way people think about nutrition and their health.

Every day, our chefs, nutritionists and dietitians take great pride in sharing their experience and education to help people find solutions that work for them.

We believe that health is specific to each individual, and not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we therefore acknowledge the need to cater for all dietary requirements, preferences and eating styles to ensure that health is inclusive. WIF aims to engage with all – providing each person with the tools to make the choices that work for them, after all everyone has their own journey to take.