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Inspiring Environmental Change In The World Around Us

We create and power sustainable programs and practices that minimize our environmental impact.

We’re a global company, reaching and interacting with millions of people every day, and we make them a promise: that we will enhance the places where they work, learn, recover and play. So we create practical solutions to help our employees and clients minimize environmental impacts in our operations and in our communities. Working towards this goal, we have created a U.S. enterprise-wide environmental sustainability platform that focuses on responsible purchasing, efficient operations, waste minimisation and fleet management. 

Through our efforts, we’ve demonstrated the deep respect we have for the environment and our commitment to continuously improve our own environmental practices, while offering expertise and practical solutions to thousands of clients worldwide. U.S. website



Where possible, we purchase local, seasonal and responsibly raised, grown and sourced products.

Responsible sourcing is a priority here at Aramark. We are focused on finding ways to buy more local, seasonal and responsibly raised, grown and sourced products. This approach to purchasing strengthens local and global economies, improves the health and wellbeing of people and animals, and conserves our environment.

We’ve taken important steps to advance our sourcing practices in a responsible and ethical way, including:

  • Purchasing humanely-raised animal proteins including cage-free shell eggs by 2015, cage-free liquid eggs by 2020, and group housed pork by 2017.
  • Sourcing products locally grown, raised or caught within 250 miles and from small-scale community-based farmers and fisherman, where possible.
  • Providing a wide spectrum of responsibly sourced products such fair-trade certified coffee, and reusable, recyclable and compostable disposables.
  • Offering clients and customers fresh, safe, wholesome foods that are raised, grown, and harvested in a sustainable manner, whenever possible.


Recycling, reusing and composting are just the beginning of our waste minimization efforts.

Waste minimization extends to every stage of our operations—from what we purchase to what we serve. If not managed properly, waste adds up, and can have a long-term impact on the environment. That’s why environmentally responsible waste management practices—reducing, reusing, recycling and composting—are standard procedure at thousands of our locations every day. 

Our focus on waste minimization enables us to reduce our environmental impact and decrease the overall cost of waste disposal for our clients. Whether it’s efficient planning for exactly the right amount of food to purchase or recycling and composting waste, we minimize our environmental footprint and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

Multiplied across all our locations, the potential impact is enormous: Over the course of a year, just one large convention center can recycle more than 170 tons of cardboard, 2,400 pounds of aluminum cans, 3,300 gallons of kitchen oil, 180 tons of mixed paper, plastic and glass, 12 tons of scrap metal, and as many as 8,000 wood shipping pallets.

Efficient Operations

Efficient Operations

We’re always implementing practices to conserve our resources and ensure operational efficiencies.

To us, efficient operations go well beyond conservation. They cover an array of practices that range from efficient building design to water-and energy-saving practices to low-impact green and even 'blue' cleaning.

Our water-saving programs include the design and implementation of conservation plans and installation of water-saving hardware and fittings like low-flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures. And in our uniform business, the laundering process we use is even more efficient than home laundering – which uses 3 gallons of water per pound of home laundry versus 1.3 to 1.4 gallons of water per pound of laundry through our commercial service.  

As for energy conservation, we work hard to promote efficiency in our own buildings, while lending our skills and expertise to our clients to help them manage energy use in their facilities. 

Not only that, but with our environmentally friendly program Blue Cleaning™, we use electrically activated or ionized tap water to safely clean or sanitize surfaces as well as hard floors and carpets without the use of harmful chemicals.