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Enriching And Nourishing Lives In Our Communities

Our community involvement efforts help people to lead healthier lives and to succeed in the workplace. 

We’re a company that serves billions of meals, and hires thousands of people each year. We have a strong presence in communities worldwide, and our employees have the unique expertise, knowledge and passion to address important community needs, like health and wellness, and the need for strong employment skills and access to jobs.

We invest financial resources, dedicate the skills of our employees, and develop community partnerships to make a meaningful difference by:

  • Helping people succeed through education and employment 
  • Empowering people to lead healthier lives

Through our global volunteer and philanthropic program, Aramark Building Community, we partner on the local level with community centers to address these issues. We also develop strategic national and local partnerships to make the greatest possible impact. 

We contribute approximately $9 million annually to nonprofit organizations through the Aramark Charitable Fund, through corporate contributions, and through our businesses. 

Aramark Building Community

Aramark Building Community

Our global volunteer and philanthropic program enriches and nourishes lives on the local level.

In underserved communities, health and wellness issues as well as unemployment and underemployment continue to grow and contribute to critical social problems. Through Aramark Building Community, our global volunteer and philanthropic program, we seek to address these important community needs.

On the local level, our employees “adopt” community centers and build strong, sustainable partnerships, matching skills and passion to the needs of the neighborhood:

  • Our chefs and dietitians teach the relationship between diet and wellness, extending Healthy For Life™ commitment into our communities. 
  • Our human resources professionals link adults and teens with information and hands-on training to prepare them to find and keep good jobs. 
  • We volunteer to create safe, efficient, inspiring community center environments.   

In addition to the relationships with our employees and more than 50 community center organizations are strategic partnerships with national non-profit organizations, The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and City Year.

Through these partnerships we connect to important community organizations on the local level, and enable meaningful and impactful volunteer experiences for our employees. 

Since 2008, we have invested nearly $9 million in volunteer expertise, financial and in-kind resources to strengthen the capacity of more than 100 local community centers in 52 cities, involving the skills and expertise of more than 35,000 employees and impacting over 4.5 million people.

Employee Volunteerism

Employee Volunteerism

Our employees use their expertise and passion for service to meet critical community needs.

One of the many ways we are able to strengthen and better our communities is by lending the skills of our most important resource—our employees. Through their commitment, dedication and service excellence, we genuinely contribute to hundreds of communities around the world.

Every day, you can find our Service Stars tackling nutrition-related issues, like obesity and diabetes, or helping people in underserved communities prepare for work with education, training and job experience, including connections to Aramark career opportunities.

One day each year, we come together for our annual Aramark Building Community Day to enrich and nourish lives in our communities. This year, Aramark Building Community Day will take place on September 17, 2015, when thousands of our Service Stars will volunteer to help families lead healthier lives and succeed in the workplace.

We encourage and support employee volunteerism by providing meaningful service opportunities and encouraging a culture of volunteerism and service. We recognize and honor our Outstanding Volunteers and also make it easy to find company and community volunteer opportunities with a dedicated employee volunteer web portal.

Our employees know they work for a responsible company and that they’re part of a larger social effort that will make a meaningful difference in their own communities, and throughout the world.



Our philanthropic efforts support our mission, and align with our unique skills as a company.

Philanthropic support is a core part of our community involvement efforts. Financial and in-kind donations are essential in helping nonprofit organizations sustain programs and meet their missions. 

We connect our philanthropic support to both our mission of enriching and nourishing lives and to our expertise. Nutrition and health and wellness are priorities in our thousands of food service locations. Helping people find meaningful work is also a focus for us. We hire thousands of people every year and we’re connected to growing industries, like hospitality, healthcare, education and leisure.

We are committed to making a meaningful impact by:

  • Helping People Succeed through Education and Employment
    Supporting skill development and training to enable low-income youth and adults to achieve economic independence and support their families.
  • Empowering People To Lead Healthier Lives
    Impacting community health and wellness by helping children and families choose nutritious foods and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Approximately 75 percent of our philanthropic resources are dedicated to addressing these issues. We contribute approximately $9 million annually to nonprofit organizations through the Aramark Charitable Fund, corporate contributions and our businesses.

Most of our giving is in the U.S. and focused in key cities, like our headquarters city of Philadelphia. We invest in organizations that we can build strategic and long-term partnerships with - organizations that have expertise with proven programs and can also drive innovative new programs. We support the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Healthy Weight Initiative, the United Way, the Urban league of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Academies and several other civic and arts organizations dedicated to a strong, vibrant city.

Aramark Building Community Day

Aramark Building Community Day

Thousands of our employees demonstrate our commitment to enrich and nourish lives in communities around the world.

On Aramark Building Community Day (ABC Day) thousands of employees demonstrate our commitment to enrich and nourish lives around the world. On ABC Day we make a meaningful impact by inspiring families to lead healthier lives and empowering youth and adults with valuable job skills to succeed in the workforce.

In 2015, nearly 8,000 volunteers led more than 300 projects across 15 countries, impacting half a million children, adults and families. For example, our dietitians, chefs and culinary experts educated families about nutrition and health with cooking demonstrations and healthy food samplings. Our many human resource professionals shared their knowledge of today's critical workforce skills, teaching youth and adults about developing a resume, interviewing for a job and more.

Aramark Building Community Day is part of our global volunteer and philanthropic program. Working in partnership with more than 100 community organizations, we have invested more than 160,000 hours, and nearly $9 million in volunteer expertise, financial and in-kind resources to strengthen communities.

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