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Aramark Team Finalists in Green Gown Awards 2020

Well done to the team at University of Westminster




The EAUC Green Gown Awards are considered one of the most prestigious awards in the higher education sector at an international level which celebrates sustainability excellence. Becoming a finalist with their Change for Good project is an achievement in itself due to the high level of competition and standard that is expected with the Green Gown Awards.

The Aramark team at The University of Westminster have been working towards the awards since 2019 and are excited about being shortlisted after a challenging year. The team took a unique position in concentrating on many small but significant changes over the past two years, as opposed to concentrating on one aspect of sustainability for the year.

The project, entitled Change For Good, was a positive impact initiative to contribute towards building a sustainable university. The team focused on reducing energy, water, and waste consumption, while promoting collaboration and awareness of sustainability across the university through their Sustainability Wall in the cafes. The Sustainability Wall included the monthly energy and water usage, as well as the recycling rate – bringing everyone along on the journey. To compliment this, the team contributed to the Change for Good University blog and partnered with the Environmental Society and the Nutrition Society to promote sustainability and well-being.

Key achievements:

  • An overall reduction of 26% in gas consumption and 32% in electricity consumption in the 2018/19 academic year, which resulted in a reduction of over 30,000kg of CO2.
  • Sales of reusable water bottles and coffee cups have estimated to have saved over 30,000 single-use water bottles and 20,000 plastic coffee cups being purchased and disposed of.
  • Reduced over 600kg of waste being produced from our catering operation alone in just one academic term.
  • Coffee cup collection and recycling scheme: an estimated 1,736 cups were collected by a new provider for recycling in under two months.

Becoming a finalist is a testament to an innovative and collaborative approach that the team embraced, which is not yet commonly seen in the higher education sector.

Background on the University of Westminster and Sustainability Focus

The University of Westminster is a diverse and dynamic international education institution situated in the heart of London with more than 18,250 students from 169 different nations. The university is committed to managing and reducing our environmental impacts and developing operations in a sustainable manner, adopting best practice and putting sustainable-thinking at the forefront of the decision-making process.