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Aramark Northern Europe Introduces Carbon Scoring on Menus Throughout Uk and Ireland Business

Aramark Northern Europe has recently introduced carbon scoring on menus across its UK and Ireland (on shore) business. After a number of successful trials in 2022, an automated carbon footprint scoring system has been integrated into Aramark’s business-wide menu management system and now measures the environmental impact of food consumed.

Aramark recognises that food sustainability is integral to the future of the food industry and is ready to make a big impact in the restaurants they operate - bringing clients, customers and employees on their journey towards Net Zero.

Working in partnership with Nutritics and their ‘Foodprint’ system, a carbon score is now available for each of Aramark’s menus which takes into account the environmental impact specific to each. The score evaluates the impact of getting the food from farm to fork based on 4 key criteria – agriculture, processing, packaging and transport. 

Providing full transparency on menus enables customers to makes more informed decisions on their food choices as well as assisting Aramark clients in navigating their own Net Zero journey.

Michael Savage, Director of Sustainability at Aramark Northern Europe commented: “We recognise that food transparency is so important to consumers. Transparency goes far beyond nutritional content and now extends to include environmental and ethical information too. Thus we have been working diligently on our programme that will help consumers make informed, environmentally - conscious decisions through the food they choose”.

Climate Change has become one of the most important topics for both businesses and individuals around the globe. It's a cause-and-effect cycle that impacts every one of us. In 2022 Aramark proudly announced a commitment to become a net zero carbon organisation by 2050. Commitments are built around areas in the business which have the most impact - transport, energy efficiency, goods and services, sourcing locally, the minimisation of waste and maximisation of recycling, travel, and employee engagement.

The introduction of this carbon footprint scoring system to all Aramark business sites is just one of the many tools being implemented to support the journey towards carbon neutrality. To find out more please visit: aramark-net-zero-2050---final.pdf