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Aramark Hosts Christmas Webinar with Niamh Condon

The "Dining with Dignity" chef spoke to our healthcare team.


Aramark were delighted to have Niamh Condon, chef from ‘Dining with Dignity’ host a second workshop on Wednesday the 11th November, for our healthcare teams. These workshops are developed to support our chefs continued professional development which in turn aims to further improve our patient and resident experience.

Niamh is innovative and passionate about modified diets for those who are living with dysphagia: difficulty or inability to swallow. “Dining with Dignity” sums up Niamh’s approach. Under her watch, all residents can be assured that all their favourite dishes which have been enjoyed through the years, can be served to them in a modified form. She uses simple techniques such as piping, food colouring and combining flavours to create dishes that patients/residents can relate to and enjoy regardless of the modifications required.

Niamh showcased a delicious modified Christmas dinner which included chicken goujons, prawn cocktail, mince pies and sherry trifle for residents with dysphagia.

“The presentation gave new options for modified meals, offering better presentation ideas focusing on the upcoming season. Niamh provided tips and tricks to ensure that all patients and residents are being looked after, even more so, this Christmas. There was great engagement of the chefs by coming together to grow the menu options for Aramark’s patients and residents”. Ronan Fox, Healthcare Executive Chef.