Our Food is prepared by Talented Chefs and endorsed by Dietitians

We strive to strike the right balance in every menu, by understanding our clients’ and customers’ Health & Wellness goals.

At Aramark, we have a dedicated team of Health and wellbeing experts, each of whom have a wealth of experience in both the food industry and clinical setting. Our team bring us the insights and knowledge to develop and deliver effective health and wellbeing programmes. Our team ensure that our health and wellbeing topics are determined through our extensive research of consumer insights and key trends for 2019.  

Elbha Purcell: Head of Dietetics and Wellness

Elbha brings with her over 15 years’ experience as a registered dietitian. She is a member of the UK Health Professional council, British Dietetic Association, the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute and CORU. Elbha believes that improving one’s relationship with food is key to achieving optimal health “my aim is to always provide appropriate and accurate advice in an easy to understand, interesting and informative manner”.

Elbha oversees the development of menus and training programmes to ensure the nutritional requirements within Aramark’s healthcare line of business are met. Elbha is also responsible for supporting the culinary and front line teams through nutritional analysis of menus across their Food Services division, whilst also running the company’s Health and wellness programme – Healthy for Life (HFL).

Food Heaven: Big fan of Italian and Thai food, but favourite has to be my Mum’s roast chicken dinner.

Food Hell: Lamb and mushrooms in equal measure.

Candice Pearce: UK Health and Wellbeing Manager

Candice has worked with Aramark for the past 5 years and will soon be welcoming her second baby.

Candice believes that if we work closely with our clients and customers on promoting and educating people on health and wellbeing we can help have a real impact on reducing long-term sickness and absenteeism in the workplace and also inspire the next generation in leading healthier lifestyles. 

“For me it’s all about a joint up approach to have maximum impact on encouraging and empowering people to lead healthier, happy lives”

Food heaven: I literally can’t decide! I love all types of food and there is only one thing that I do not eat

Food Hell: Hotdog sausages –this on the only thing I will not eat (I blame my Mum who made me eat them as a child)

Naomi Hastings: Registered Dietitian (CORU, M.INDI)

Naomi is a registered dietitian and joined the Aramark Health and wellbeing team in 2017. Naomi has a keen interest in health promotion and wellbeing, keeping abreast of key trends and insights to develop and support the Healthy for Life programme within Aramark alongside the health and wellbeing team. Naomi also provides dietetic support in menu development and analysis for our healthcare catering teams. Naomi has a passion for good food and nutrition and brings with her a wealth of experience. Her philosophy is to improve nutrition and eating patterns and believes that the workplace is the ideal setting to help improved ones relationship with food.

Food heaven: The only thing I enjoy better than talking about food or nutrition, is eating. I love all cuisines, as well as cooking and trialling new recipes and dishes.

Food hell: Definitely corned beef!

Maddie Trobridge: Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Maddie recently joined the Health and Wellbeing team having recently graduated from her Masters degree in Human Nutrition. She is a registered nutritionist (ANutr) and a qualified personal trainer, with a well rounded outlook on health and overall wellbeing. She prioritises a well balanced approach and is passionate about simplifying the message and educating people to improve their knowledge and attitudes. Maddie uses this approach to help support Aramarks’ Healthy for Life programme and assist in the development of health and wellbeing initiatives within other internal teams.

Food heaven: Bread – in whatever form it comes! Fresh, crusty and warm (even better when it’s round and comes with tomato, cheese and other toppings!)

Food hell: Ketchup – I can’t even wash up a plate that has ketchup on it!